Last week I learned how the spinning-wheel works. Oh boy, one might think it´s easy to spin when one watches a Youtube video on spinning yarn but....no, my first attempt was horrible. My yarn was so thick and bulky you could throw it straight in the wastebin!!! You can see the two balls of yarn below. The yarn on the left is the first one I made and the one on the right is my second one. I somehow managed to get the yarn on the second one a little bit thinner. Maybe with more practice I´ll someday spin something I can use.... Those I´ll save as curiosa!!!

All these pictures are from our workshop at the museum. The children coming to the rya rug exhibition are offered to try out spinning on the spinning wheel and the drop spindle, carding wool and either sew some rya or make rya knots on the loom.

Above are a pic of my loom and working space. I´m making an hourglass figure on my small rya rug. It doesn´t look like anything yet but I´m slowly making progress.

Next week we´ll have a bunch of kids here so I hope we are able to inspire them and hopefully some of them will feel the spark which ignites the need to make handicrafts in the future!!!!!

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Matleena kirjoitti...

Kauniita kuvia taas! :) Oletkohan lopullisesti siirtynyt englannin kieliseen postaukseen, mietin minä. Se on harmi, sillä englantini on niin huono, että tekstisi jäävät lukematta minulta.

Hannah kirjoitti...

Ahaa....olenkin miettinyt tuota englanninkielisyyttä jonkin aikaa. Tästedes kirjoitan siis molemmilla kielillä niinkuin ennekin. Suomi ja Enkku!!!