In the beginning of last week I posted 3 envelopes for the campaign "Pay It Forward" ("Anna Hyvän Kiertää").
I got some yarn, Zauberball from Schoppel-Wolle. Color Creme of Chocolate.
Trekking Hand Art from Zitron. The color is Vulcan.
Duett from Sandnes. 55% cotton and 45% merinowool.

This tunic is made in Duett. I might knit this for myself or/and my daughters H & A.

I tried out some naalbinding which is a very old way to make something similar to knitted or crocheted cloth. The first time I saw something made this way was in Lofoten Islands in Norway at the Viking Museum. I promised myself then to someday learn how to do it. I´m so happy that one of our teachers at school knew how to naalbind and I was fortunate when she suggested that I´d try it out.
I learned how to crochet an elastic edge. Crochet 2 chains.

Make a double-crochet stitch (dc) in the first of the 2 chains.

Then do a dc stitch in the first chain of the earlier dc.

And continue until you have the desired length. It´s very stretchy so, next time you plan on crocheting a hat, try this out. If someone did not catch the technique - give me a hint in the commentbox and I´ll try to sort it out.

And I bought myself this years first tulips, got rid of my flu and prepared for practise at the museum. Oh....I made a promise to myself not to buy any yarn next 6 months or so....let´s see how that promise is held....

3 kommenttia:

Iida kirjoitti...

Oih, minuakin kiinnostaisi kovasti osata neulakintailla... Tiedätkö yhtään mistä tuollaisia neuloja saa?

Silmukatti kirjoitti...

Piti heti kokeilla tuo virkkaus, se todellakin toimii! Mulla tuo kireä aloitus on ollut aina ongelma, iso kiitos vinkistä!

Hannah kirjoitti...

Iida: kävin blogissasi ja laitoin tiedot kinnasneuloista.

Silmukatti: joo, se todella on kätevä tapa aloittaa virkkauksen, olipa virkattava työ mikä tahansa niin se toimii.