Matleena & Seijasisko has started a campaign for women who during the heavy treatments with cytotoxic drugs suffers from hair loss. The idea is to crochet or knit a hat to wear at the hospital or in their everyday life. The hat above is my first one. It´s made from a lovely yarn, Novita Puro 100% wool. I don´t remember the name of the color and even though I searched Novita´s pages on the net I´m not sure if the yarn is Ruska or Kanervikko. The model is my own. I made it up during the crocheting process.

Marioberet by Jatta.

The two berets above are made from the same pattern. The brown beret was finished some time ago and the green one I knit this weekend. I ripped the green beret two times before being satisfied but I think it was worth it. It´s soft and the color is heavenly (it goes so nicely along with my red hair). I just need some decoration - it´s rather dull without some sort of flower or doodle. Both are made in finnish yarns.

The rya is slowly growing. As you can see on the pic below.

Our practical training in school starts January 25th and me and my classmate work for ten weeks at our local museum. The museum gets an exhibition that shows rya-rugs. It´s named Ryijy Elää. The exhibition starts January 29th and ends March 30th. The oldest pieces date as far as 1778. It´s going to be so interesting to take part in such a show and I´m really looking forward to participate and learn so much more on the way.

As you can see we had the most wonderful wintery landscape this week. We had about -10 C without almost any wind at all. These two pictures are taken during the day. This is the brightest it gets this time of year up here in Oulu. Well, unless the sun is shining of course.
The last pic is taken about 7.30 a.m and the light you see is NOT the sun. It´s from Stora Enso´s paper factory. The pic is not clear if you zoom it because of a quite long time in exposure my camera requires. I so wish I had some sort of stative for occasions like this. Oh, and by the way, I got a flu last Friday. I hate it. The sneezing, the running of my eyes and nose and the headache. Well, I for certain can´t be away from school because of the upcoming exhibition and the practice at the museum. Bad flu - go away!!!!!

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Seijasisko kirjoitti...

WOW..kuinka kaunis sytomyssy! Kiitos!

ja upeita ovat muutkin myssyt!

Tuolla ryijy näyttelyssä pitää ehdottomasti vierailla!

Upeita talvikuvia!

Kaunista talven jatkoa!

Toivoo Seijasisko

Matleena kirjoitti...

Ihania pipoja kaikki, mutta tuo eka on huippu! :)

Hannah kirjoitti...

Seijasisko ja Matleena: Kiitti! Ja tervetuloa näyttelyyn!

Amalia kirjoitti...

Missä lie vika kun kaikki kuvat ei näy mulle =( Bloggeri on vissiin viime aikoina häröillyt omiaan. Tuolla aikaisemmin oli huippu upeita heijastin nappeja!! Kaikkea muutakin kaunista täältä löytyi.

Hannah kirjoitti...

Amalia: taisi bloggeri olla hieman ylikuormitettu - kiitos kehuista!