Here we go again... I´ve been hibernating like..forever. A new year is before us and I am trying to do this once again. Blogging. Yesterday I started a new project on my knitting machine. Yes, I found a machine last year...or was it the year before...heck I don´t remember but that´s not important, what´s interesting though is that this absolute wonder of inventions makes it able to finish a sweater or what ever other apparel in no time. Knitting machines seems to be in fashion once again. Some knitters don´t believe in machine knitting saying it isn´t real knitting but I don´t care, I do knit both by hand and by machine when feeling for it.

The 80´s and 90´s was their golden age and you could find all kinds of machines on the market. Machines for fine yarns to really bulky ones. And then there were linkers, which created round projects like hats and other similar garments. You can find those on YouTube if you want to know how they work. I believe the first knitting machines were circular (correct me if I´m wrong) - the linker is also used to make pantyhoses!
The only negative thing I can think of when using my knitting machine is that it makes noise. My neighbors won´t like it if I´m dragging the carriage over the needles late in the evening...or....come to think of it, I could buy them ear plugs!

Well this was my first post in a year and a half. If you´ll visit again some time soon, I´ll tell you all about what I´ve been up to since finishing school and all.

See ya´!

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Helena Katarina kirjoitti...


Keep it up, I want to read more! <3

Pirjo-Riitta kirjoitti...

Mukava kuulla sinustakin pitkästä aikaa! Joten kuulolla ollaan!

Eija kirjoitti...

Niinpä tulla tupsahti tämä tuttu minunkin eteeni, nyt en niinkään tekstiä ymmärtänyt. Hyvää vuodenalkua jokatapuksessa!

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