Wetterhoff Christmas Fair in December was a success. My daughter got many requests for her jewellery and my reflectives and buttons made their part of her day. Thank You´s to all of the lovely ladies and gentlemen who was interested enough to buy our stuff.
I´ve been less creative last year at home than some years ago. I did make some socks, mittens, slippers, hats and scarfs but not quite the amount that I planned to do in the beginning of last year. Sorry for that....I seem to have become a little lazy on the domestic side....In school though I do accomplish so much more. The mittens above are felted (they´re the only pair I photographed) and I made the gnomegirl a couple years ago (just to remind me that I have a creative side, you know)
Christmas was lovely...I did not stress, (although my family thinks otherwise) thank you very much....we had lots of snow and a little sunshine of which you´ll find a pic in the end of this post.
Every year I buy a little something to put to my collection of christmas decorations. I think it was last year that the crownheaded bird was found and this year I just had to buy myself this lovely bearded Santa. He looked so adorable. I couldn´t overlook him in the shop...I brought him home to my place and now we have a silent agreement...I can put him away for a year as long as he gets the best spot in our home every following year from now on...the kitchen table! Who wouldn´t agree to that?
The decorations on the following pic are epic!!!! The snowman and the christmas tree are made by my daughters many years ago. The feeling that comes when I put them on the sidetable and look at them is incredible...I almost burst into tears of joy and pride - I love my girls so much!!! I made a Moomin gingerbread-house this year. I can´t stop laughing when I look at it...no one would ever, I mean never ever ever have me as a helper on building anything of importance....I can´t make anything stand straight that has walls or a roof or windows....therefore NO CLOSE-UP PICTURES!
And this! The Sun! Finally. Hello to you...I´ve been missing you. Good to see you again!!!!

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Vähänkö nuo heijastimet on ihania! Ja kaikki muutkin. :)

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Jenkkuseni: Kiitti!